Monday, August 14, 2017

Review: Splatoon 2

Released: July-21-2017
Price $59.99
Only On:Nintendo Switch

So to start off I Mr. Mike am NOT the biggest online gamer at all! Some games that I have played online that I was actually good in are the Gears of War series, Team Fortress 2, Left for Dead, and GTA Online. Yep that basically sums up all the online playing that I have done which I was good at playing.  So when seeing that Splatoon was getting a sequel for the Nintendo Switch in the form of Splatoon 2 I got interested in the concept.  1st as I looked at the game I thought it was just going to be a kiddy like colorful game for the younger generation of gamers.  But as I watched some gameplay video on the subject at hand I grew even more interested in what I had seen. So after playing the beta I found that tactics can be a big part of the game, even though I haven't been chatting with other players. Trying to paint and splat as much of your team’s color as possible while trying to kill or avoid the other team’s players from doing the same to you is the mission. Yes there are other modes in the game but I have found that the basic Turf War mode was best for me. Other modes include capture the flag esc battles, Ranked Battles, League Battles , and the famous Salmon Run part which is a wave based mode while trying to collect the most salmon eggs while not getting killed by the enemy or bosses! 

  Yes there is also a straight forward campaign mode which you can get to through the left sewer cover in the city square hub. In my opinion Not the best campaign more for teaching you how to play, and maybe learning some tricks along the way to use in your battles. A few interesting bosses in there but nothing to really talk about. Note you may feel different about the campaign than I but remember this is only my opinion on the part.  

   Another thing on the multiplayer portion of what is basically the main game entirely is how well each area is created. Each different battle arena is made at what I think are the perfect size for a 4v4 battle. Everything is created carefully to make full use of every part of each area for great battles every time you play them. I would've liked a bit more stage swapping but still not complaining. And I wonder if they will make more New arenas to add more variety to the gameplay. But still…… No complaints from me.

   Now onto three shops and purchasing gear which is made easily as they separate each shop in the district for hats, clothing, accessories, & of course weapons! All of these have unique abilities over time when you level up in online battling. Most include getting a boost in ink resistance from either walking in the other teams ink or getting hit by the other team with ink splats. Other updates include for your character are that your ink can last longer, your character can recover faster from getting destroyed each time in battles, faster boost abilities, performance boosts for your character’s second weapon, Plus many more!  Now second weapons or abilities can range from ink grenades, to ink raining clouds, to ink jetpacks, & more! Even shielding from the opposite teams ink splats!   There are so much abilities and items to choose from and get that I still find New and exciting items to change out with my character.

            Ok while writing this review as I keep playing the game I have found some more of a use for the single player campaign of the game.  In certain levels in the campaign there hidden wooden crates that contain a single ticket and each levels tickets are different for different purchase uses. Ok? What for you may ask? Well there is a character in Splatoon Square called Crusty Sean who runs a little food truck called the Grab a Bite. For each of those different tickets you may find you can order a different item on the menu for each different ticket. There are 4 choices for giving you more rewards for your online battles. These items include Battle cash increase by 50% per battle, Battle cash doubled, Battle experience gain doubled, and Battle experience gain increased by 50%. You can only in my experience purchase 1 item at a time and each item Only lasts for 20 matches. But No worries! You can always go back to the campaign to the levels you remembered where the tickets were located at, and recollect those again and again forever!

            Before I end this review I just want to say it’s been a blast to play this game after I was convinced by my friend to pick it up. I wasn’t sure on what I was to expect from the game, and didn’t even think I would be playing the game as much as I do each day! It’s a great fast paced game in nicely created levels for anyone to easily pickup and play. My only advice for some is to turn off the motion control feature with in the game, because to me it’s Not a fun way to play this type of game! You can easily go into the menu to turn on or off the feature anytime outside the battle zone. And the campaign has somewhat grown on me a little for learning but still not for me.

What more can I say about the game of Splatoon 2 well it’s a sequel that’s for sure, and its fun as hell! Even if I never used the stupid Nintendo App on my phone to team up with friends to battle, going at it alone with others that I don’t even know still makes this game fun. Maybe even better!

            Sooooo… in my conclusion for this review for Splatoon 2, I like the gameplay aspect even though I wish there were a few new battle areas in the game in which they could add down the road as free dlc.  The campaign could have been a little better with a bigger story.  And even though this isn’t the game’s fault but more so Nintendo’s, I wish it was a lot easier to connect with friends other than that stupid App!  The good about the game is the fast paced fun online splat battles. The bad can be getting stuck with poor teammates who don’t help in battle and you can’t kick them out or leave the battle player list if selected to continue. I think this is a very poor way to host the game and can screw good decent players from having better battle scores in the end.  This game is currently retailed at the time of this review at $59.99 and worth its price. So I will score this game as GOOD! Not the best game with some of its minor flaws, others more annoying than others. This game should be considered for those who like action, 1st person shooters, and own a Nintendo Switch.

Fallout4 Got a Mr. Mike Score of: GOOD! 
8/14/2017 Review
Played On Nintendo Switch

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