Friday, September 2, 2016

Late Review: Pacman 256


Released: June-20-2016
Price $4.99
Also on: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, Linux

OK 1st yes a late review but who cares? No one ok let's start this off with this is typically an endless game with tons of fun to have over & over again. If you’re a fan of Pacman or even not so much this review might change your mind. Even though this is not the typical Pacman game due to the fact you keep on going through level after level.  Play alone or Co-op with friends in a race to collect as much Pac-dots, fruits, & other point increasing methods, but avoid those pesky ghosts they are gunning for you!

Now this game is as simple as they get and don't let all those power ups scare you, they are very easy to figure out plus you will quickly figure out which ones are best for you.  My multiple hours playing this game by myself and with friends felt great with its unpredictable nature of where the ghosts travel.  But there are a lot of tricks you can pick up throughout your gameplay travels. Sometimes it’s watching certain ghosts patterns or just by stopping your Pacman before you turn that corner, waiting to see what some of the ghosts do next.  Sometimes some might not do anything waiting for you to cross their path others will seek you out.  I found that sometimes I’d get stuck in a corner or make a mistake by turning the wrong corner and get surrounded by trouble and getting caught.   The plus in this game is the powerups even though sometimes you may not even need one they are great to pick up.  Helping you crush your ghost rivals into digi dust in many interesting ways, like by laser, fire, giant Pacman, ghosting plus more! Trying to move up through the levels to claim your Pac freedom if it’s really possible to do so?   One sometimes minor or major problem with the game to me was the fact that on the upper left hand side there would be this kind of rival mini leaderboard that would popup.   I might not explain this to well but seeing others from my friends list who played the game would show there the highest point total they had gotten in the game, and show the main leader.  This would be just fine if the text didn’t get in the way blocking certain key spots where my Pacman would go to hide and decide the next strategy. Instead got caught by hiding ghosts which I could not see this would get really annoying to me while trying to rack up as much points as possible. 


     In conclusion I can safely say that when I turn on this game and play it by myself or with friends there is always fun to be had.  Making little games with in the game on who went the farthest or even who got the most points racked up in the end.   No real glitches of faults with this game at all. Not bad for a once made for phone now for console type of game which gives you a lot of bang for your cheap buck to play repeatedly over and over again!  Now if you think this is a short review about this game I would have to say yup!  But this is why it’s a very simple fun type of game to play where any 1 to 4 players can jump in and have a great time.   Yes this is still Pacman in the best way and yes this is where all the fun is at with very minor problems this is definitely a solid buy for anyone.  I give this game a rating of GOOD, with all the good very minor problems do surface and could fixed down the line…. Or not!  So come and play a NEW generation of Pacman for the fun of your lives.

Pacman 256 Got a Mr. Mike Score of:  GOOD!
9/2/2016  Review
Played On XboxOne

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