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Review: Fallout4 Automatron

Released: Mar-22-2016
Price $9.99
Also on: XboxOne, PS4, & PC

You like robits….? I mean robots? Of course you do. You like Fallout4? Yes! Well think about adding MORE robots to the wasteland of Fallout4 Plus a nice little story to go along with the DLC! Sounds fun doesn’t it? Well here is my little review of Automatron the 1st DLC to hit for Fallout4.  This Fallout4 Automatron DLC hit on March 22nd 2016 for the XboxOne, PS4, & PC for $10 standalone purchase or $50 if purchasing the Season Pass.

                The story description as follows is that the mysterious Mechanist has unleashed a horde of evil robots into the Commonwealth, including the devious Robobrain. Hunt them down and harvest their parts to build and mod your own custom robot companions. Choose from hundreds of mods; mixing limbs, armor, abilities, and weapons like the all-new lightning chain gun. Even customize their paint schemes and choose their voices!

   Simply amazing isn’t it? Well yes but make sure to be patient because this DLC does give you a bit of a run for your money in giving you a nice challenge in fighting packs of angry killen robots coming for you.  I also found that when 1st getting and downloading the DLC for the first time you may have to either restart the game once or in some cases restart your console in order to get the Automatron DLC to be shown in the Add-ons category in Fallout4.  I did the basic game reset to get the DLC to show up and it started just fine.  All you have to do in getting the DLC story to begin is to only start up your Fallout4 game save in which you have to be level 12 or higher for the mission to show up, then after it loads the story DLC shows up on the screen as well as in your mission list.

  When first playing the mission to find the robot that I had to talk to was difficult for me to win the battle that I had to fight in order to find out what is going on. Finding the location was easy, but battling the pack of robots got me killed many times even at level 40+ with armor and advance weapons in my arsenal. Getting burned & blown up many of the times I died, just a note some robots are nuclear and they do blow up BIG TIME if you destroy them sending a small nuclear blast your way if not careful.  Still a blast of a time to fight them also level up faster while doing so.  The start of the mission story is interesting also by an individual called the Mechanist causing all this robot mayhem in the wasteland sending droves of rogue robots to cause all sorts of trouble.

You go on this mission to help your new robot friend Ada avenge its fallen friends as you both go on the hunt to find the person responsible for killing Ada’s friends and causing you trouble as well.  First Ada will need for you to find 3 tracking antennas, like in that Back to the Future the Game mission where you go on the hunt to find each of them and bring them back to Ada to track where the Mechanist is hiding.

  I haven’t finished the DLC yet but found it very fun to just shoot down many robot enemies all the time with the addition of the standard wasteland baddies to fight at the same time.  During a few scavenger missions I have found some minor glitches causing my character to freeze where I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere in the game just being stuck in one area and having to reset the game.  Other times I would ghost through my character and get stuck in ghost of character while moving around.  This never seemed to happen at all when playing Fallout4 before the DLC.  Not a big deal some of the times I just kept saving the game and moved on to my next objective.

                So far I’m intrigued on what to expect from the rest of the story but that’s not it! In addition to the story mission there is more achievements to get and the ability to create and build your own kickass robots is a nice addition to the game itself.  But before you can build any robots you will need a robot building workbench, in which you will also need the resources to build that bench in the first place.  I built mine in my settlement and NOT at the designated place the game wanted me to build it.  Made NO difference where you build the robot workbench.  Now if having enough of the right resources you can begin building your first robot, in which there are many choices to choose from. I personally built a shitty first time robot calling it Bad Robot meaning it was a shittily designed and NOT the JJ Abrams company mascot.  Building a robot is easy but the design you might want can be the real challenge making it what you want it to be, also meaning you will have to have collected lots of resources in order to build one anyway.

                In closing like I said for $10 or the owning of the season pass I think this first DLC pack for Fallout4, Automatron is a unique and creative addition to the vast wasteland itself. Sure it does glitch sometimes at least when I played it but nothing to game breaking but still a small annoyance.  I like how I didn’t need to go to a special area in order to play the DLC and it was just available in the world of Fallout4 itself, also finally the biggest part being able to create my own custom robots for a robot army, a bodyguard, or just a robot friend is what the doctor ordered for me.

This addition is fun and very creative making me excited and wonder what the other DLC packs will bring to the Fallout table, and adding New things to the current wasteland itself.  I think that this DLC Fallout4 Automatron is GREAT for an addition to the game and only $10!

Fallout4: Automatron Got a Mr. Mike Score of: GREAT!

3/26/2016 Review
Played On XboxOne

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